About FITT Forge

At FITT Forge, we use fundamental strength training for our clients. Fundamental strength training is used to evaluate how your mind and body move, what your limitations are, what your strengths and where you need to improve. We use this information to help coach and and adjust each client through the FITT Forge Strength Program.

Zachary Bosanac

Owner & Personal Trainer

Throughout my childhood, I was overweight, picked on at school, and just didn’t feel comfortable with my body. Over the years, my weight fluctuated and when I was in University I reached my heaviest – 300 pounds. The day I saw that number on the scale was the day I decided to change my lifestyle and started to focus on my health and fitness.

I lost 100 pounds in 2 years, losing 50 pounds per year. This was honestly the greatest moment of my life. From then on, I wanted to share the same sense of joy and accomplishment with others.

As a certified personal trainer, I created FITT Forge because I wanted to help clients find and build their strength, inside and out. My goal is to help my clients feel empowered to take their fitness and their life into their own hands, and to be strong and capable so they can live their life how they want. I give them the right knowledge, tools, training, and motivation to achieve their goals.

Personal training is what I dreamed of doing and what I love to do. Even though I had a successful career as a financial planner, it didn’t make me truly happy. What I really wanted, was to share my love of being strong and healthy inside and out through working out. That’s why I started FITT Forge. It’s my chance to offer knowledge, strength, empowerment and happiness through personal training that serves my clients best. By tailoring a fitness program that’s designed specifically for them.

Contact me for more information on how you can start your own fitness journey and forge your body how you choose.


  • Strength Coaching

  • Weight Training

  • Nutrition and Wellness

  • Sport-Specific Training

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy

Certifications and Accomplishments:

  • CanFitPro – Personal Training Certification

  • FST Stretching Certification

  • Varsity Football – McMaster Marauders

  • B.A. Economics – McMaster University

  • 4 time Half Ironman Triathlon Finisher